When I finished high school in 1978 I knew I would be a painter.
This was what I loved doing, this was what I chose to study in high school, and my paintings decorated the walls of my parents house.
I finished my art studies at the Center for Visual Art in Beer-Sheva in 1986 where I studied drawing ,ceramic design and art education . I had big dreams about painting and art, but I did not know that I would have to delay fulfilling them for many years.
I lived in Kibbutz Ein-Gedi after graduating from visual art school and was employed as a full time art teacher at the local school where I built a large pottery studio, complete with kilns and wheels. My job  had a lot of responsibility and I had no extra time to paint and work independently.
It was a significant frustration, and I enviously eyed artists who were more senior than me in the Kibbutz and acquired the coveted privilege of the "day of art".
While teaching in school  I chose an additional discipline and set out to earn a degree in biblical studies. The stories of the Bible had always interested me as do foreign films about faraway lands.
I paid special attention to the theme of women in the Bible, their social position and their way of life. Thus, I combined teaching art and teaching Bible in school.
As time passed, I had three children and even left the kibbutz  and moved to the city of Modiin.  Unfortunately the adjustment  to city life and bringing up the children kept postponing my dream of becoming an artist.

Over the course of many years I drew in private. I participated in painting and drawing workshops and varying continuing education courses in order to satisfy my creative longing. Finally in 2014, when my youngest daughter graduated high school and set out on her own path, I decided to stop procrastinating and pursue my dream.
I began to  paint  intensively again and made a decision to open my own studio in order to teach drawing and painting . Currently, I now lead several  painting workshop-excursions to the most beautiful city of art in the world “ Paris” ,as well as leading various workshops for landscape painting throughout Israel.
To me, painting comes with the freedom to be myself and it allows me to deeply breathe clear fresh air which makes me feel more relaxed ,connected and deeply exhilarated
I paint through observing the world, and my preferred setting is painting in nature. I’m very inspired by the  sounds of birds tweeting and the shadows and streams of light as the sun slowly rises in the early morning hours.
Painting taught me to be patient, to love the road and trust it to lead me to my destination . It taught me to cherish Nature and creation  and to be thankful for the gift which I have been given. This journey has taken me to the point of sharing my love of painting and drawing with others .I would I like to pass this gift on to those who have the same desire and passion to draw and paint.
I live in Modiin, which  is one of the most beautiful areas in Israel; The forests, the vineyards, the fields of sunflowers and corn and the pomegranate orchards - I draw in all these sceneries, into myself and onto the painting substrate of my choice, with the brush, the knives and my fingers dancing, celebrating  the creation of the world together with the dance of the paints.
I have participated in group exhibitions in Israel , around the world and have had several solo exhibitions here in Israel. I also open my home regularly for "open home" weekends, during which all the city's artists open their studio doors and expose their work to the public. But to me ,the essence and the motivation and passion for all I do in this field is simply to create art

Pictures by Yoel Themanlys and David Levin